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Support Spaces

Support spaces, also referred to as affinity spaces, are drop-in support spaces held during Fall and Spring semesters. In these spaces, you can connect with your peers, share experiences, and receive support. Support spaces can be utilized throughout the semester, whether you are seeking services at CPS or not, or as you wait to get connected to services. Students do not have to be a current CPS client to attend. This service does not replace individual or group mental health treatment. Learn about our current support spaces below.


    We Are The First

    In-person, drop-in support for first generation students.



    Recovery to inspire, share and empower (R.I.S.E) is Ohio University's Collegiate Recovery Community. R.I.S.E. has a designated lounge and offers weekly support meetings.

Interested in a New Support Space?

If you would like to consult about a potential new Support Space, please email Stephanie Maccombs-Hunter at