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About the Department

Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) provides mental health and well-being services to students and consultation to faculty, staff, and family members of students. Our services are designed to help students understand themselves and their difficulties, and ultimately make healthy choices for their lives. We offer developmental, preventive, and remedial services. We provide programs and training that promote the intellectual, emotional, cultural, and social development of Ohio University students. We advocate a philosophy of acceptance, compassion, and support for those we serve as well as for each other. We consistently strive to integrate social justice and equity into the everyday functioning and structure of our agency, including at the individual, service, training, organizational, and administrative levels. 

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To affirm and support the mental health of our diverse OHIO community and empower others to nurture the well-being of every Bobcat.

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Our mission is to offer high quality mental health, consultation, and outreach services to the OHIO community, as well as training and supervision opportunities for emerging mental health clinicians. Our goal is to promote and advocate for personal growth, well-being, and resilience in our clients and community members through ethical, inclusive, culturally sensitive, and progressive therapeutic treatment options. We strive to create a safe and respectful environment where all students can thrive, and we work to continually respect unique individual differences and create an affirming and inclusive environment for the entire campus community. We collaborate with the university community to promote well-being and empowerment.

Diversity Statement

We commit to advocating for respect, dignity, and inclusion throughout the OHIO community. We acknowledge the impact of systemic oppression, discrimination, stereotypes, prejudice, marginalization, and social inequity on OHIO student and staff lives, including their mental health and well-being. We recognize that cultural and contextual variables (including power, privilege, multiple marginalization, and invisibility) impact mental health access, identity development, and overall well-being of OHIO students. We strive to continuously grow our individual and collective cultural awareness and humility to create a more culturally conscious and socially just climate within our center. We advocate and collaborate for cultural awareness and social justice within the larger OHIO community.

More about CPS commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Outreach and Consultation Mission and Goals

Through outreach and consultation programming, Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) aims to foster an interconnected and inclusive campus community that is well-informed and empowered to support the mental well-being of every Bobcat. To achieve our mission, CPS:   

  • Offers deliberate, systematic, and creative psychoeducational programming that emphasizes a multicultural and developmental perspective on prevention, well-being, and student self-help.   
  • Collaborates closely with the Office of Health Promotion and Well-being and Recreation to help create a safe and healthy campus environment and to support the Division of Student Affairs well-being framework.   

  • Develops strong liaison partnerships with offices, organizations, and departments across campus.   

  • Responds and reacts to the psychological, emotional, and safety needs that emerge across campus (e.g., crises impacting the Bobcat community, identifiable patterns or trends of behaviors that negatively impact the psychological well-being of students).   

  • Promotes the wide range of services offered at CPS and connects students to those services.   

  • Utilizes social media to:   

    • Provide educational material related to mental health and well-being.   

    • Provide information to the OHIO community about Counseling & Psychological Services. 

    • Share well-being related materials from other OHIO offices. 

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  • Meet the Team

    Our diverse team is comprised of clinical staff (including counselors, psychologists, social workers, and nurse practitioners), health service psychology interns, graduate assistants, trainees, and administrative staff.

  • Scope of Practice

    Scope of practice refers to our ability to meet varying levels of clinical need. When services beyond our scope are required, we provide appropriate referrals to campus, community, or other resources.

  • Confidentiality & Privacy

    Information shared in counseling is confidential and cannot be disclosed without prior written consent in most cases. The Privacy Policy describes how client information may be used and disclosed.

  • Rights & Responsibilities

    Students receiving services at CPS have various rights and responsibilities, which are important to be informed of when deciding to begin therapy and remain informed of throughout treatment.

  • Wellbeing Fee

    CPS does not bill health insurance. Students in the Guaranteed Tuition Plan are eligible for free treatment, and students not enrolled in this plan receive free treatment by enrolling in the Wellbeing Fee. 

  • Counseling FAQs

    Sometimes it can be hard to know which questions to ask. To support you in being informed about CPS, we have compiled a list of and offered answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


International Accreditation of Counseling Services