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    Individual Counseling

    Short-term, individual counseling is offered to currently enrolled students. Practitioners employ brief therapy models during these sessions. Examples of topics covered:

    • Coping with depression, anxiety, or PTSD
    • Improving communication and problem-solving skills
    • Building satisfying relationships
    • Adjusting to university life

    Relationship Counseling

    Relationship counseling helps partners address concerns that may cause conflict or difficulties in romantic relationships. Through counseling, partners can:

    • Refine communication skills
    • Learn to manage conflict
    • Feel more emotionally connected
    • Better understand their interactions

Single Sessions 

Some students are not interested in ongoing counseling, and prefer to meet with a professional counselor for a single conversation to discuss a concern and create an action plan. Single sessions are the solution to this.

When calling to schedule an appointment request a single session.