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Study Abroad: Literature of London

Students pose for a photo in London.

Explore British imperial history, literature and culture in London over Spring Break.

Through excursions and activities, discover how the history of British empire, involvement in the slave trade, and immigration have shaped 19th-21st century British literature and culture. Visit iconic sites and cultural venues to study the history of London’s Black and brown communities and the history of imperialism in relation to such writers as Olaudah Equiano, Mary Seacole, Joseph Conrad, Monica Ali, and Bernadine Evaristo.



Spring break

Academic Credit

This program offers all students ample opportunities to fulfill general education requirements.

Cost & Scholarship Availability

TBD – Check the Global Opportunities page for more details.


From Books to the Great Beyond

“Overall, this experience was an amazing way to end my undergraduate career. I was able to learn about topics that I had never learned about before, and the travel to London made my experience so much more rewarding. Being able to see the sights of the characters and historical figures we studied helped me understand our texts so much better than I would have if I was just learning in a classroom. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity, and I know that I will remember it for the rest of my life.”


-- Maddie Hellwig, English major


“The trip to London was something I will never forget. The informational part of the visit is something I believe is irreplaceable compared to the average tourist that is going to view the bridge and take photos in the phone booth. It served as motivation to what life can be and motivation to go back to London. This trip, this course, and my teachers have all changed my life forever.”


-- Adam Ward, Journalism major

Students pose for a photo in a venue in London.