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Get a Jump Start on Your Science Major

STEMstart introduces incoming first-year students (freshmen) to the expectations of college-level science and math courses—and provides a road map to resources and study skills that will help them succeed as science majors.

Come to Ohio University a week before fall classes to get ready for your first-semester biology, chemistry and mathematics coursework. Academic sessions and field trips include:

  • "CSI Athens"—Apply forensic chemistry and biology to solve a crime.
  • Math Circles—Find out the secret math handshake, and learn how to solve fun problems
  • Aquatic Biology—You'll get your feet wet on this field trip!
  • Genetics at OHIO Genomics Facility



One week before fall classes start.

Academic Credit

No academic credit

Cost & Scholarship Availability

The program total of $1,000 includes early move-in and meal plan. Scholarships are available for students with need, thanks to generous donors.

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