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Undergraduate Research and Study Abroad in African American Studies

Opportunities in African American Studies

The African American Studies Department's research and teaching focus is on guiding and encouraging students to develop and strengthen essential intellectual skills and preparing them for scholarly and professional careers in many areas, including development work with governmental or non-governmental organizations, agencies in law, education, journalism and other endeavors.

The geographical focus of the department's teaching and research is the United States Black Experience with a particular emphasis in Appalachia. In each area, students are able to develop their knowledge in their specific areas of interest as they explore ideas and issues relevant for understanding the interlocking complexities of global Africa's history, life and experiences.

Faculty advisers prepare and mentor students to successfully complete their academic goals and objectives. The department's mission is to contribute to an inclusive intellectual environment at Ohio University by developing and delivering an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary curriculum that advances the University's general education goals.

Students who want to conduct undergraduate research should explore the Faculty Research Interests and contact faculty with whom they might want to conduct research.