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About the African American Studies Department

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Mission of the African American Studies Department

There is an ever-increasing demand for college graduates who are equipped to work in global and multicultural environments. Ohio University's African American Studies Department offers a distinctive program that focuses on the African American experience regionally, nationally, and globally. It offers a solid program of study that draws from a range of academic fields including history, sociology, psychology, political science, economics, literature, art, music, and media.

Established in 1969, the African American Studies Department at Ohio University is one of the oldest programs in the United States. For more than three decades, the department has been enriching the educational experience for all students at Ohio University. Many of its majors have gone on to graduate school and carved for themselves influential careers in a variety of fields, including law, the performing arts, international affairs, religion, politics, education, and business. Faculty members have made valuable contributions to the field of African American and African Studies in the United States and around the world.

African American Studies Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning assessment at the program level is intended to promote and maintain program excellence and improve student learning. Each department in the College of Arts & Sciences has developed a set of learning outcomes for their programs and engages in faculty-led assessment activities to help inform curricular and program review and development. Student learning is assessed in different ways across A&S departments, informed by disciplinary standards and the specific learning outcomes of the program.