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Info for Parents

We hold our students to high standards with regard to maturity and professionalism. We also recognize that many would not be able to study abroad without the moral and financial support of their parents and relatives. Because we believe strongly in the value of the Global Consulting Program's impact on students' personal and professional success, we are grateful everyone who makes this opportunity possible for them.

In matters concerning a student's participation, grades, financial obligations or administrative requirements, it is our standard policy to communicate directly with the student. In order to be in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we do not typically share details about any individual participant with any other party. Students who sign our Conditions of Participation do give us permission to communicate with designated emergency contacts (usually parents) in matters concerning the health, safety and security of participants in our programs, or in any situation where we deem such communication to be necessary. Even so, please note that we tend to err on the side of caution with regard to students' privacy. 

However, we are more than happy to discuss the program with you in general terms at any time. If you have questions about the GCP, please contact Stephanie Sharp at or 740.566.7022

In addition to the information available elsewhere on this website, below are highlighted a few important points about the program that may be of special interest to parents:

  1. Students will be billed for tuition for the credit hours they take, along with a program fee. See the Costs & Fees page for more details.
  2. Students participating in the GCP are subject to the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct. This applies to student behavior at all times, including during pre-trip and while abroad, whether they are participating in official, scheduled activities or enjoying free time on their own.
  3. Violations of the Student Code of Conduct are subject to the Ohio University Policy on Judicial Standing. In accordance with this policy, students may be ineligibile to participate in the GCP or they may be removed from the program at any time should they become ineligible due to violations or sanctions.
  4. Upon accepting their nomination to the program and paying the non-refundable deposit, students agree to our Conditions of Participation. If you would like a copy of the most current Conditions of Participation for your review, please contact Stephanie Sharp at or 740.566.7022.
  5. For more resources, please see the Parents page on the Office of Global Opportunities website.