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Global Leadership Development Research

Fast-paced globalization calls for individuals with global leadership skills for success in an increasingly diverse business world. Universities must train graduates for success in the global arena. However, research does not clearly define the characteristics needed for international leadership positions.

This preliminary research will query business professionals on key characteristics needed in global leaders and in new hires who will be expected to interact globally in their business careers. This input and expertise from professionals is needed to help us identify the competencies for global leadership in today’s business arena. 

Participants will be working business professionals and top level managers in human resource departments of Fortune 1000 companies. Such research will allow us to better understand what business professionals perceive as important factors to global leadership. With this information, universities can both assess and design curriculum with these global leadership competencies in mind.

Research Purpose

  • Identify the competencies and skills that are perceived to be important to global leadership by business professionals.
  • Provide information to develop a future study assessing global leadership development of students.

Identifying the international leadership characteristics will benefit society in two ways. One, results of this study will benefit educators who wish to ensure international leadership qualities in graduates. Two, businesses will benefit when hiring international leadership-savvy graduates.

Research Partners

Michael Geringer, Director
Center for International Business Education and Development
Ohio University College of Business

Tim Reynolds, Director
Walter Center for Strategic Leadership
Ohio University College of Business

Mary L. Tucker, Director
Undergraduate Assurance of Learning
Ohio University College of Business

Nicole Gullekson, Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse College of Business