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Become a Partner, Sponsor, or Donor

We feel that every opportunity for companies, alumni and community members to work with College of Business students, helps enrich their educational experience and cultivate their professional skills. Your involvement allows Ohio University to continue to be the best student-centered learning experience in America.

Here are a few ways you can get involved with the Center for International Business Education and Development:

  • Host a visit from College of Business students
  • Act as a client in one of our consulting-based programs
  • Refer a student to one of our programs
  • Provide career and internship opportunities to recent graduates
  • Use the College of Business graduate and executive programs as part of your company's continuing education
  • Collaborate on a case writing project or research initiative with students and faculty
  • Speak at College of Business events or recommend talent for events
  • Sponsor corporate visits, guest speakers and other educational opportunities
  • Share your knowledge and become a mentor for current students and future graduates
  • Volunteer your time and energy to the Center for International Business Education and Development or the College of Business
  • If you are an alumni, join the College of Business Society of Alumni and Friends (SAF)
  • Provide scholarships for students who would like to participate in one of our programs.
  • Donate to the Center for International Business Education and Development, the College of Business or Ohio University


Reach out to for more information and to get involved.