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Global Consulting Program

GCP Belgium Students Kayaking 2022

Winter Break 2023 (Brazil) and Spring Break 2024 (Costa Rica) applications are open through April 30! 

Apply by April 30

Prepare yourself for the challenges of the global business environment you will encounter upon graduation by working in a cross-cultural consulting team to solve authentic business problems abroad.

Choose from among several exciting locations, each with its own rich cultural heritage and unique opportunities for hands-on learning in a global business context.

  • Applied business experience — Put your business skills to work providing solutions to complex problems for local and multinational clients.  Working with a real company challenges you to integrate your business skills and bring about positive change.
  • Cross-cultural immersion — Engage with your student peers abroad as colleagues, classmates and friends as you explore the distinctive culture of your chosen location. Each site offers unique excursions that will enrich your cross-cultural experience.
  • Global business leadership skills development — Gain valuable, career-building experience as you work in multicultural teams. Experience in cross-cultural communication and management is a must in today’s global business environment.

Costs & Scholarships

Costs & Fees

Scholarships & Financial Aid



Mark your calendar for your global business experience. All travel dates are tentative and will be confirmed pending availability with our partner institutions and University approval.

GCP Spring/Summer 2023:

  • Ghent, Belgium: May 13-27, 2023
  • Tamarindo, Costa Rica: March 11-18, 2023
  • Dijon, France: May 20-June 3, 2023
  • Bayreuth, Germany: May 13-27, 2023
  • Thessaloniki, Greece: May 13-27, 2023
  • Pécs, Hungary: July 1-15, 2023
  • Ancona, Italy: June 24-July 8, 2023
  • Tokyo, Japan: May 13-27, 2023

Fall/Winter Programs

  • São Paulo, Brazil: Applications for the 2023/2024 Fall/Winter GCP open through April 30, 2023. 

Site Directors

Site directors are primarily OHIO College of Business faculty members who are responsible for managing the on-site portion of the Global Consulting Program. Each is trained by the GCP Director, who maintains extensive experience managing international programs. 

Site directors travel to the site and work alongside students for the duration of the program and play a major role in preparing students prior to travel. They have considerable knowledge and experience about the GCP and the location they represent. Your GCP Site Director is the best person to ask if you have specific questions about the GCP experience.

Spring/Summer 2023 Site Directors

Ghent, Belgium: Dr. Adam Rapp, Dr. Adam Hepworth and Greg Scott

Tamarindo, Costa Rica: Prof. Lori Marchese and Dr. Jessica Weeks

Dijon, France: Prof. Nicole Antoinette Smith and Dr. Melissa Davies

Bayreuth, Germany: Dr. David Ridpath and Prof. Annie Valeant

Thessaloniki, Greece: Dr. Costas Vasiliadis and Dr. Vic Matta

Pécs, Hungary: Dr. Andrew Pueschel and Stephanie Sharp

Ancona, Italy: Dr. Andrew Pueschel and Dr. Tammy Rapp

Tokyo, Japan: Dr. Hao Lou and Dr. Christopher Thompson

“When I signed up for GCP, I was only doing it to fulfill the Global Perspectives requirement. After one day in Argentina my mindset had completely changed. It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my life!"

GCP Locations

  • Ghent, Belgium
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Tamarindo, Costa Rica
  • Dijon, France
  • Bayreuth, Germany
  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Pécs, Hungary
  • Ancona, Italy
  • Tokyo, Japan

*Some locations are still in the approval process and/or may not be offered each year.



For more information about OHIO's Global Consulting Program, please email