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We are currently updating our Alumni Network model, and this listing. Check back soon for the most accurate information. Please feel free to reach out to Networks in the meantime if you have interest in joining! 

An Alumni Network is an officially recognized group of graduates of Ohio University who are brought together in a geographical location or by affinity to share a collective passion for Ohio University.       

Alumni Networks are a vehicle to provide meaningful, lifetime engagement for alumni and to meet goals outlined by OUAA and Ohio University. 

Alumni Networks have the mission of bringing alumni from a region or affinity group together in support of Ohio University and the Ohio University Alumni Association. Alumni Network programming efforts include student recruitment events, VAAN, continuing education programs, career networking and mentorship, philanthropic initiatives, and service projects.      

Network events are a great place to both meet and keep in touch with alumni who either live near you or share a passion with you. Whether you’re in Ohio, another state, or another country, and whether you're interested in singing, hockey or journalism, we know you can find a sense community and belonging in one of Ohio University's Alumni Networks. 



Joining a Network

When you find a Network you're interested in, you may click on their link to learn more information. Contact Network leadership to get connected. If you need assistance making contact or don't see contact information listed, please reach out to alumniengagement@ohio.edu



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