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Bobcats Helping Bobcats:

Join the Legacy of Mentorship at Ohio University

We all have treasured people in our lives who helped us find our path at OHIO and beyond. Maybe you first met an OHIO grad at a college fair who helped solidify your decision to attend, or were welcomed by an alumnus recruiting well-prepared OHIO grads at a career fair. That warm and gracious connection between Bobcat alumni, current students and prospective students is magic.

Volunteering at Ohio University ensures the same life-changing welcome and support you experienced lives on through future generations of OHIO students. Your time and support are far more than helping someone earn a degree; it's about fostering a lifelong connection, where "Bobcats helping Bobcats" isn’t just a popular phrase, but a promise we always keep. Your simple acts of service build a stronger Bobcat community. Will you join us in helping OHIO move forever forward?

Passing the Torch Has Never Been More Rewarding.

Whether it’s an in-person connection or a digital conversation, there are so many ways to help students find their true North. Or in this case, their Southeast.

Recruit Future Bobcats

Help us find the next generation of Bobcats! Through your involvement in the Ohio University Volunteer Alumni Admissions Network (VAAN), you can serve as OHIO's personal link to prospective students, their parents and school counselors in your community.

Recruit Future Bobcats

Serve in an Alumni Network

OHIO Alumni Networks unite graduates based on location or shared interests, fostering lifelong engagement and support for the university. These networks, endorsed by OUAA, organize events and initiatives such as student recruitment, education programs, and career networking to connect alumni with common passions. Attendees at these events can find a sense of Bobcat community, regardless of their location or interests.

See Alumni Networks

Serve as a mentor on the Bobcat Network

OHIO alumni can connect with fellow graduates, share experiences, and expand their professional network. Students gain valuable insights and open doors to future opportunities, while faculty and staff can contribute by helping students apply their learning through alumni connections. Join this exclusive mentoring platform today and make a lasting impact on the Bobcat community.

Bobcat Network

Become a Bobcat Buddy

Bobcat Buddies is a program that pairs recent Ohio University graduates with incoming first-year students to establish an informal and enjoyable mentorship connection. Alumni share their knowledge and experiences, offering support and survival tips, while new students benefit from a unique connection with someone who recently navigated similar challenges. Participants sign up, get paired through the Bobcat Buddies Group on the Bobcat Network, and engage weekly on topics like campus life, academic resources, and community engagement.

Bobcat Buddies