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New Alumni Network Interest Form

The New Alumni Network Interest Form allows alumni to request new Alumni Networks that revolve around shared geographical location or affinity. 

New Network Criteria:

  • Not within 120-mile radius of an existing network  
  • Minimum of 1,000 alumni in the area
  • New network cannot have the same name as an existing network 
  • Network Representative cannot be an Ohio University staff or faculty member
  • Network Representative must be an alum of Ohio University


Indicates required field
Requester Information
Are you already affiliated with a recognized OUAA Alumni Network?
Please separate multiple Networks with a comma.
Proposed Network Details
Our naming convention begins with the shared geographic location or affiliation, followed by "Alumni Network." Examples: Metro NY Alumni Network, Central Ohio Alumni Network, Student Senate Alumni Network.
Would this Network have its own external bank account?
No steps to establish an external account should be taken prior to receiving written alumni network approval from OUAA.
Please check the box below if you are not a robot.