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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


To advance Ohio University through meaningful, lifetime engagement of its alumni base.


The Ohio University Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations will be recognized as the essential hub for engagement to advance the mission and vision of Ohio University.

Two OHIO graduates in cap and gown hugging.

Strategic Pathways

  • One OHIO

    Embrace a One OHIO culture to strategically and collaboratively respond to the needs of the collegiate community and campus partners for whom alumni involvement is critical to their success.

    Underlying Premise: This sets up the Office of Alumni Relations as a vital campus partner that works collaboratively to advance OHIO.

  • Alumni Base

    Evaluate the attitudes, experiences and needs of our increasingly diverse alumni base and segment in a manner that inspires the highest level of engagement at OHIO.

    Underlying Premise: Understanding the needs and characteristics of the alumni base is the key to impactful and relevant engagement programs.

  • Communications

    Create coordinated and consistent brand messaging and two-way communication between The Ohio University Alumni Association and alumni via the Alumni Association channels that will effectively engage and inform OHIO’s alumni base.

    Underlying Premise: Creating a case for engagement and support of a solid brand promise for the Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations.

  • Culture

    Build an Alumni Relations infrastructure and culture that is accountable for outcomes of strategy.

    Underlying Premise: A focus on optimizing the Alumni Relations' performance via a strong team and culture of excellence.

  • Outreach & Engagement

    Build a world-class engagement program that connects alumni locally, globally and virtually.

    Underlying Premise: The Office of Alumni Relations is committed to engagement through the entirety of the alumni lifecycle, leading to growth in the base of engaged alumni.

  • Early Engagement

    Create a culture of lifelong connection that spans the student continuum and is sustained into the early alumni years to
    support uninterrupted engagement.

    Underlying Premise: Investment in “next generation” alumni (students and recent graduates) programming will facilitate a culture of lifelong engagement with OHIO.

Putting the Plan into Action

We will fulfil our strategic plan by understanding and anticipating the needs of our constituents, both external and internal.

By accomplishing this, the Ohio University Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations will:

  • Add significant value to the advancement of the University and to its brand.
  • Encourage alumni to stay connected to the University in meaningful and relevant ways.
  • Contribute to the personal and professional growth of our graduates.
  • Represent a highly professional and motivated infrastructure of staff, board members and volunteers dedicated to serving the needs of the University.