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Teacher Education

Society of Alumni & Friends for Teacher Education (SAFTE)

As a society we are committed to promoting the general welfare of Teacher Education in order to achieve the goals of the college and to promote and facilitate the active involvement of alumni and friends. All alumni of Teacher Education as well as College and University alumni with a vested interest in education can be members.

Formed in 1983, the SAF serves Teacher Education in promoting the lifelong learning of rising educators. We work hard to create and host several conferences a year designed to bring faculty and administrators, area educators and students together outside of the classroom. These conferences allow students to gain valuable knowledge from several sources, which strengthens and develops their skills as future educators. In addition, SAFTE hosts alumni socials that allow alumni to network and share ideas concerning the future of education.

Each SAFTE member serves on a primary committee. The SAFTE committees are Executive-Nominations, Alumni-Faculty Relations, Recognition and Awards, and Alumni-Student Relations.

  • Executive Nominations Committee
    This Committee exists to maintain the SAFTE board society. They are continually looking for new SAFTE board members who have a vested interest in education. All other committees also report to this committee.
  • Alumni-Faculty Relations Committee
    This Committee identifies and promotes the Society's interaction and support Teacher Education faculty and alumni.
  • Recognition and Awards Committee
    This Committee makes connections with alumni and serves to honor and promote their successes in the field.
  • Alumni-Student Relations Committee
    This Committee works with Teacher Education to recruit and retain students and identify the means for alumni to join in this effort. Their main emphasis is the annual Robert P. Comer Education Conference.

Teacher Education alumni interested in becoming involved with the Society of Alumni and Friends should contact Brynn Hoffman at for more information.

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