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Akron Association of Ohio University Women

Photos of women from Akron.

Welcome Akron Women!

Dear Ohio University Alumnae:

When is the last time you made a new friend? Remember the women in your dorm or sorority and the experiences you shared with them? We would like you to join with other Ohio University women to make new friendships and to renew your connection to OHIO.

The Akron Association of Ohio University Women has been an alumni organization for more than seventy-five years. We have women of all ages and whose years at the university span seven decades. We think there is place for you in our organization.

Our association has regular activities of interest to busy, committed women in a four-county area. We sponsor a scholarship to the Honors Tutorial College and regularly participate in activities sponsored by the Ohio University Alumni Association.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will take this opportunity to become part of a dynamic group of women who, like you, shared their college careers at Ohio University and are now proud alumnae.

Network Representative

We are currently searching for a Bobcat to serve as the Network Representative for this network. If you are interested in leading and serving your fellow Bobcats in this capacity, please contact us at

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