Scheduling Counseling

Individual Nutrition Counseling, Appointment Scheduling Tutorial

Dietitian: Louise Cruz RDN, LD  

Congratulations for taking a step towards wellness!  

To purchase and schedule your nutrition counseling sessions, please follow the steps below.  

Part One: Access Your Account on the Member Portal:

  1. Go to the Member Portal: Navigate to the Ohio University WellWorks Portal to sign in or create a free account.
  2. To Register a New Account:
    • Select SIGN IN in the upper right-hand corner. 
    • On the bottom of the pop-up that appears, select SIGN UP
      • Fill in the required information and select CREATE ACCOUNT for your account to become active. Note: Every client must have an individual, unique email. For the privacy of our clients, multiple people/accounts cannot use the same email address. 
  3. To Log-In and access the portal after having created an account:
    • Select SIGN IN in the upper right-hand corner. 
    • Log-In:
      •  Community Members (Non-Ohio University Employees): In the space provided under COMMUNITY: ENTER EMAIL/USERNAME (see picture below), provide the email address you utilized to create the account, then select NEXT. When prompted, provide the password you created when you signed up.  
        Non Employees must provide their email address
      • Ohio University Employees: Select the blue button that says OHIO UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEE SSO (see picture below) to be automatically logged in using your Single Sign On credentials. An employee account is automatically generated for you. 
        Employees must click the blue button to log in

Part Two: Purchase and Schedule Nutrition Counseling Sessions:  

Once you have logged into your account, you can purchase and schedule counseling sessions using the following instructions:

  1. On the main page of the Member Portal, scroll down to Nutrition Counseling (the icon is pictured here, you can also just click on this image to be taken directly to the purchasing page). 
    Person speaking with a nutrition counselor
  2. Click on the thumbnail image (pictured above) and then select PURCHASE from the drop down menu that will appear.
  3. Complete the purchase of your desired session(s).
  4. After a successful purchase, a receipt will be emailed to you. That receipt email will contain a private link to schedule your appointment. 
  5. Once you schedule, you will receive a link to Teams for your appointment. If you would rather meet in person, please include that in the notes when you are scheduling.
  6. Questions? Please contact Louise Cruz RDN, LD at (740) 593-0250 or