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Many faculty and staff members at Ohio University conduct research on sustainability-focused or related topics. The Office of Sustainability collects information on such research and reports it to the Board of Trustees in the Sustainability Report and STARS submissions.

Ohio University's Office of Sustainability works to track various research-related information. If you are affiliated with the University and conduct or participate in research not listed in the documents below, please report your research by emailing us at sustainability@ohio.edu

Research Inventories:

In adition to faculty-led research, a large number of students on campus engage in sustainability-focused research. In 2017, the Office of Sustainability began sponsoring a series of awards for exemplary sustainabililty research presented at the Student Research and Creative Activity Expo.

2017 Student Research and Creative Activity Expo Sustainability Award Winners!


Undergraduate 1st Place Winners:

Annie Chester & Alena Klimas, International Studies, mentor: Nukhet Sandal

"Sustainable Urban Agriculture Initiative in Amman, Jordan".

Abbey Rodjom, Voinovich School, mentor: Sarah Davis

"Soil Gas Emissions of the Cellulosic Bioenergy Crop Miscanthus x Giganteus"

Undergraduate 2nd Place Winners:

Brian Mansfield & Mahtab NaderiNasrabadi, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, mentor: John Staser

"Synthesis of Ni-Co Electrocatalysts for Electrochemical conversion of biorefinery waste to high-value phenolic compounds"

Ayden Wilson, Biological Sciences, mentor: Viorel Popescu

"Are flies pollen their weight? Data mining social media for information on fly (Diptera) pollinators"

Graduate 1st Place Winners:

Alex Burke, Environmental Studies, mentor: Derek Kaunecki

"An Integrated Toolbox to Evaluate the Potential of Solar PV Electricity at OHIO University"

Taylor Snelick, Voinovich School, mentor: Kelly Johnson

"Insect Biodiversity in Three Different Types of Biofuel Crop and Land Use in Ohio"

Graduate 2nd Place Winners:

Seema Mahato, Educational Studies, mentor: Krisanna Machtmes

"Utilization Focused Evaluation of the Uses and Benefits of Food Dehydration for Communities in Southeast Ohio"

Seema Mahato Poster