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Degree/Certificate Programs

Bachelors Degree Programs

Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and Sustainability Environmental Science and Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary program that provides scientific knowledge of the natural world, the living organisms that inhabit it, and social sciences at the core of sustainability. Students learn the scientific principles that underlie environmental issues, the effects of human actions, and the public policies and regulations that influence those actions.

Bachelors of Science in Geography – Urban Planning and Sustainability. The Urban Planning and Sustainability major provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to envision and craft urban environments that embrace the three key components of sustainability: environment, economy, and equity. Students completing this interdisciplinary, forward-looking program will develop sophisticated understandings of cities and their role in the social, economic, and environmental challenges of the 21st century. The curriculum emphasizes urban, sustainability, and planning theory and process, in addition to a strong foundation in geography and its major analytical techniques.

Masters Degree Programs

Masters of Science in Environmental Studies: Ohio University's Master of Science in Environmental Studies curriculum combines graduate coursework with solid research. Created in 1970, the program meets the needs of students looking for a broader academic experience than a traditional course of study can provide. The program gives students the flexibility to pursue coursework and research spanning several disciplines. Our students have backgrounds ranging from business, humanities, and the social sciences to the physical and biological sciences and engineering.



Environmental Studies Sustainability and Resilience Undergraduate Certificate.  The Environmental Studies Sustainability and Resilience Certificate is an opportunity for students to earn recognition for taking a cross-section of environmentally-themed courses from a variety of disciplines. Students in the certificate program have the opportunity for cross-disciplinary learning in a required capstone course or leadership internship tackling a key topic in environmental studies. Past course topics have included climate change and global sustainability.