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Professional Development and Travel Requests

The Division of Student Affairs supports its staff in furthering their careers, and in particular in connecting them to networking opportunities and professional development by attending and presenting at national conferences or various types of professional training.  We realize that attending or presenting at meetings hosted by academic or higher education student affairs organizations can help accelerate the professional development of our staff and provide valuable continuing education. 

Due to limited resources, the Division of Student Affairs has developed a process for staff to request funding to cover travel and professional development expenses.  The Professional Development Funding committee will review and competitively award funds to staff who are presenting at or attending a workshop, professional meeting or conference related to student affairs, higher education administration or other topics related to their profession.  Employees have the option to apply for up to $1,000 and graduate students up to $500 in a fiscal year. We encourage staff to utilize discretionary and foundation accounts when possible.  Please contact your supervisor or Madison Trace if you have questions about these available resources. 

Submit a Request

Submit your request at least two months prior to travel. 

Approval is required before making travel arrangements. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Submissions should be planned such that travel can be accomplished within six months of the date of the award, otherwise, the award may be retracted.

Pre-Travel Request Form

Use these resources to develop your proposal

Resource Description Learn More
Trainings Trainings and how-to videos for staff to better facilitate their individual travel Explore
Travel reimbursement (41.121) Reimbursement policy for official travel and entertainment Read
Travel tools Guidance to understand the various aspects of official travel (e.g., airfare, lodging, etc.) Explore
Paying for travel Overview of options available to pay for the components of individual travel Read
Documenting travel expenses Guidance for expense reporting Read
Christopherson Business Travel Preferred travel management company (includes fees) Read
PCard Review of Ohio University-issued credit cards, and their management Read

Frequently asked questions

Planning for individual travel can be complex. Review these common questions to see if yours can be answered.

How requests will be prioritized

Level 1

Mandated/system-wide meetings or required certifications.

Level 2

  • Expected representation or critical training (e.g., involvement in professional associations when the campus is hosting an event and/or when an employee plays a significant role in the organization — committee chair, officer, etc.)
  • Participation in critical training events (e.g., database user training, Clery, FERPA, Title IX training programs, non-mandated system-wide meetings or trainings, etc.)

Level 3

Significant level of organizational/association involvement (e.g., invited to attend for the purpose of a presentation, publication, or recognition)

Level 4

Other professional development  

Mandatory criteria for consideration

  • Permanent full-time, permanent part-time DOSA staff employment and graduate assistants 
  • Alignment with the Student Affairs mission
  • Connection to the strategic plan
  • Meets the needs of the applicant’s discipline or department (per supervisor) 
  • Has interdisciplinary application 
  • Plan to share knowledge gained with relevant colleagues via presentation, workshop, discussion and/or report. 

Examples of eligible activities for funding

  • Online classes/courses (as long as the business purpose explains how this training is beneficial to the department and that the expenses fall under a designated purpose) 
  • Local, out-of-state, and online professional conferences
  • Academic and educational content seminars  
  • Computer skills enhancement training 
  • Establishment of partnerships (e.g., Conference Services, Performing Arts) 
  • Travel expenses including airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and airport parking