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Transforming Trauma

The sculpture is BLOOMING!

Transforming Trauma Sculpture is BLOOMING!

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About Transforming Trauma

The Transforming Trauma sculpture is a culmination of the process of inviting connection and healing through artistic collaboration. Individuals impacted by trauma are invited to transform their own trauma narrative by writing reflections on paper and shaping the paper into individual flowers that are then collected and added into the larger sculptural frame. Each flower serves as a symbol for and communication about a survivor’s internal realities and processes. The wire and lighted form of the sculpture makes visible that healing from trauma is non-linear and turbulent at times. There are ups and downs but a person never returns to the beginning of the healing process, and this is reflected in upward direction of the piece. The sculpture is lighted from inside and the “inner light” is suggestive of hope, resilience, and the potential for change. Allies visiting the sculpture are invited to place a stone at the base of the sculpture as a symbol of witnessing each individuals’ story. The sculpture will continue to transform and “bloom” as people contribute their narrative flowers and give witness, encouraging connection and healing.


Transforming Trauma Sculpture
Transforming Trauma Sculpture

Created by Rachel Siegel, Susan Folger, & Megan Yetzer (Counseling and Psychological Services), and trauma survivors in the OU and Athens community.


If you are interested in participating in the Transforming Trauma Sculpture, please visit for locations of kits: https://www.ohio.edu/instructional-innovation/initiatives/aia-open-ohio…

(scroll down to "Transforming Trauma")

Transforming Trauma Sculpture Kit
Transforming Trauma Sculpture Kit



The sculpture will be on display the following dates and locations:

Opening Exhibition, Navigating Turbulence, February 27th from 2 pm - 8 pm at Baker Center

Sculpture Home Base, February 28th - March 25th, Lindley Hall 052 Lobby Annex of Counseling & Psychological Services

International Women's Art Installation, Tuesday, March 26th from 10 am - 7 pm, Baker Center Ball Room

Take Back the Night, Thursday, April 4th, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Baker Center Ball Room

Dairy Barn Arts Center, April 10th - 24th, from 12 pm - 5 pm

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