Ohio University

International Students

Who can get help at CPS?

  • CPS has counselors for full-time OU students from the U.S. and abroad...
  •  undergraduate students
  •  graduate students
  •  students enrolled in OPIE (Ohio Program of Intensive English)

Who provides counseling at CPS?

  •  Full-time Licensed Psychologists
  •  Full-time Licensed Professional Counselors
  •  Full-time Licensed Social Worker
  •  Full-time Licensed Psychiatrists
  •  Full-time Psychology Predoctoral Interns
  •  Several part-time licensed and in-training mental health professionals

A Psychologist:

  •  has earned a Ph.D. in Counseling or Clinical Psychology
  •  has been licensed by the State of Ohio
  •  provides individual and group counseling
  •  supervises graduate-student trainees

A Professional Clinical Counselor:

  •  has earned an M.Ed. or Ph.D. in Counseling
  •  has been licensed by the State of Ohio
  •  provides individual and group counseling
  •  supervises graduate-student trainees

A Psychiatrist:

  •  has earned a medical degree and has had special training in prescribing
  • medicine for problems like depression and anxiety
  •  has been licensed by the state of Ohio
  •  meets briefly with students who want medicine to help with counseling

A Graduate Student Trainee:

  •  is working toward a Masters or Doctoral degree in Counseling or Clinical
  • Psychology
  •  is supervised by licensed counseling center staff
  •  provides individual and group counseling

You can read more about our staff by visiting Meet Our Staff page.

What Services can CPS provide?
All CPS services are confidential and private, and CPS records are kept separate from all other university records. Confidential means that CPS will not share information about you without your written permission unless there is a serious concern for safety. Serious concerns for safety include threat of harm to self or others; abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a child, an elder, or someone with a disability. In rare instances, a U.S. court judge can request CPS files. In the past twenty years, this has never happened at Ohio University.

Personal Counseling

  •  to talk about your stress
  •  to gain another perspective on your stress
  •  to help adjusting to U.S. culture
  •  to learn new ways to handle stress
  •  to feel more satisfied and confident
  •  to improve your relationships
  •  to overcome loneliness
  •  to communicate better

Group Counseling (with students having stress like yours)

  •  to share your experience
  •  to gain support
  •  to improve relationship skills
  •  to gain other perspectives on your stress


  •  to better understand CPS services for you or a friend
  •  to learn about campus resources to help with a problem

How do I make an Appointment?
Please come to our drop-in hours, Monday through Friday from 9:45 am to 3:15 pm. This first appointment can be used to set up ongoing counseling, and you will schedule future appointments with your assigned counselor.

If you are trying to reach a counselor during an Emergency or want to talk to someone immediately, please call CPS (740) 593-1616 or OUPD (740) 593-1911 at any time. Do not use E-mail to communicate emergency or confidential information.