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Athletic Trainer

The Ohio University Club Sports Program currently employs one Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (ATC) and a staff of undergraduate volunteer student trainers. This staff provides general athletic training services to any member of any Ohio University Club Sports program in the athletic training room located in Grover Center. The staff is available for injury evaluation and rehabilitation during training room hours, which are scheduled by the Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (ATC).

The following clubs, considered collision sports, must have an AT present at all home events and collision practices*:

  • Ice Hockey (Division 2)
  • Men’s Lacrosse
  • Men’s Rugby
  • Women’s Rugby
  • Men’s Soccer
  • Women’s Soccer
  • Quidditch 

*Collision practices will be determined by drills and skills practice, following the policies and procedures set forth by the university. Home events must be located at an on-campus facility. Any non-contact club that wishes to have athletic trainer services during an event or practice needs to request service one month in advance via email. If there is an athletic trainer available, the club will be charged $25 per hour. The Club Sports Program does not guarantee these services. If a club member schedules a time to meet with the Athletic Trainer for treatment and does not show up, the club will be charged $25 per missed appointment.

2021-2022 Contact

Andrew Cradler 
Ohio University Club Sports Head Athletic Trainer, AC458120@ohio.edu

The Athletic Training Room is located in Grover Hall 
Office hours are by emergency appointment only for the fall semester. Tele-medicine appointments can be made by emailing Andrew Cradler