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One Button Studio

The One Button Studio is now a Multimedia Studio which better supports bringing your own devices. The space has been reconfigured to support more flexible recording options, as well as provide space for video and audio editing.  Visit the Multimedia Studio page to learn more or to reserve the space. 



The One Button Studio is a space for faculty, staff, and students to record themselves delivering lectures, spoken presentations, or other materials for instruction. The studio includes a video camera, microphone, studio lights, a green screen system, a presentation computer with a remote clicker and document camera, and a large screen tv.

Please refer to the instructions below in order to access and use the One Button Studio.  If you run into technical difficulties and need assistance, please call (740) 593-2699.   


Using the Room (PDF)




"While preparing to create this video for One Button Studio, I made sure to create an outline of not only the timeline of the video, but I also wanted to make sure I knew what I would be filming. The process of creating is always better when the structure of what you are making is well-organized. I created a script and recorded it using my Snowball Microphone (but any recording device will do, even something as simple as a phone). With this completed, I was able to record exactly what I knew I needed to go along with the voiceover. I even recorded some parts of the audio in the studio to add some variation to the project. Some b-roll of One Button Studio was taken using my iPhone (phones can come in handy for a variety of uses in media creation), and that was all for the production side of this video. I proceeded to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro, where I was able to craft this project together and even spice it up with effects and graphics. Music was downloaded from Epidemic Sound, and I was good to go.

This project was simple to create, and I was able to achieve this in an efficient manner using the studio as well as the tools in the multimedia center. I think that this will be an amazing way for more students to keep on creating and adding more to their projects throughout future semesters."