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George V. Voinovich Collections

The Mahn Center holds both the Gubernatorial Collection and the Senatorial Collections of the late Senator George V. Voinovich.

Digitized items from the Voinovich Collections

Senatorial Papers Finding Aid

Please consult the PDFs below for a detailed Master Series List (Item Finding Aid) on the George V. Voinovich Gubernatorial Collection.

Series Number Contents
Series 1 Governor’s Office (PDF)
Series 2 Lt. Governor’s Office
Series 3 Chief of Staff (PDF)
Series 4 Director of Cabinet Affairs
Series 5 Executive Assistants (PDF)
Series 6 Legislative Affairs (PDF)
Series 7 Boards and Commissions (PDF)
Series 8 Communications / Press (PDF)
Series 9 Legal (PDF)
Series 10 Washington D.C. Office (PDF)
Series 11 Constituent Affairs
Series 12 Personnel / Office Administration (PDF)
Series 13 Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs (PDF)
Series 14 Director of Public Inquiries (PDF)
Series 15 Special Assistant for Policy Development (PDF)
Series 16 Director of Minority Affairs (PDF)
Series 17 Scheduling (PDF)
Series 18 Science and Technology Advisor (PDF)
Series 19 Director of Veteran’s Affairs (PDF)
Series 20 First Lady (PDF)


For more information on any of the Voinovich Collections, please contact Bill Kimok.