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Work Rules

Work rules provide guidance on expectations for workplace conduct. Violations of work rules, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, departmental procedures, OHIO University policies or examples of poor work behavior may result in discipline up to and including termination. Any work rule referenced below may be accessed and read in its entirety by clicking on the link below the description or selecting the rule from the sidebar. 

Safety Work Rules

Culinary Services will comply with Ohio University’s Safety Policy 44.109, all appropriate safety regulations and policies, and federal and state laws and regulations. We value safety in our workplace and we will continuously strive to provide and maintain a safe and healthful environment with a daily goal of zero workplace injuries. We believe that all incidents are preventable & that working safely is our duty. We will all lead by example by demonstrating best safety practices. Employees are required to follow and enforce all safety work rules. If an employee is injured at work, the employee must report the injury immediate to the manager on duty and complete an Incident Report.

Read the Safety Work Rules in their entirety

Facilities and Auxiliaries Attendance Policy

All employees matter and are vital to accomplish the mission of the Facilities and Auxiliaries Division. Employees are encouraged to be present at work to perform their professional functions and responsibilities. Employees who are unable to report to work must notify their supervisor in accordance to the Notification of Absence; Submission of Documentation Work Rule. An employee who uses 88 hours paid sick leave hour in a backward view rolling 12 month period, excluding the exceptions stated in the policy, will be counseled. Any employee who utilizes more than 120 hours of paid sick leave in a backward view rolling 12 month period, not attributable to any of the exceptions stated in the policy, will be subject to corrective/disciplinary action up to and including termination. When corrective/disciplinary action is taken, it will be applied progressively and consistently in accordance with sound management practice and OHIO University procedures.

Good Work Behavior and Efficient Service

The continued employment of all employees shall be during good work behavior and efficient service. No employee shall be suspended or terminated except for incompetency, inefficiency, dishonesty, intoxication, under the influence of drugs of abuse, immoral conduct, insubordination, and discourteous treatment of the public, neglect of duty, violation of University rules or any other failure of good behavior, Article 33(A), Discipline, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Clocking In/Out

Bargaining Unit employees that are required to clock in and out for their scheduled shift must clock in and out using their OHIO ID or PID # utilizing the Workforce System. Employees are not permitted to clock another employee in or out. Employees must clock out when leaving the building beyond ten feet of any entrance to the building in which they are assigned. If the employee leaves beyond ten feet they must obtain manager approval. Employee must use their approved break periods and abide by Article 32, Rest Periods, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and not exceed designated time periods.

Read the Clocking In/Out work rule in its entirety

Notification of Absence and Submission of Documentation

If an employee is unable to report to work as scheduled, the employee must notify the manager on duty at least one-half (1/2) hour before the designated starting time of their scheduled work shift, on the first day of absence. It is the employee’s responsibility to know if they have a sufficient balance of accrued time to cover the type of leave being requested.  Failure to have sufficient amount of requested leave to cover the absence may result in an unexcused absence which could lead to disciplinary action.  The employee must submit accurate and timely documentation for each absence. The documentation must be submitted no later than the first day back from the absence or prior to the end of the pay period whichever comes first. 

Read the Notification of Absence and Submission of Documentation Work Rule in its entirety

Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Each person working in the food service industry must maintain a high degree of cleanliness and a tidy external appearance. Personal hygiene is extremely important to maintain food health/safety standards. OHIO University Culinary Services recognizes that the presentation of its employees in the workplace contributes to a professional, safe and sanitary environment that contributes to the success of our organization. This procedure includes Personal Hygiene, Hair Restraints, Facial Hair, and Jewelry and Piercings. Religious commitments pertaining to this work rule will be accommodated upon written request substantiating the need for exception. A document of faith may be requested. Interpretation of the Grooming and Personal Hygiene will be at Management’s discretion. 

Read the Grooming and Personal Hygiene Work Rule in its entirety


Culinary Services employees that are scheduled more than a six hour shift are entitled to a meal from the daily menu in the venue in which the employee is assigned. Employees that work a six hour shift or less are provided a fifteen minute break but no meal is provided. 

Read the Meals Work Rule in its entirety


Bargaining Unit employees are required to wear the designated Culinary Services uniform for their classification during work hours. Slip resistant shoes are also required. Employees must wear either an employee provided hair cover or the designated uniform hat that portrays the OHIO logo.

Read the Uniforms Work Rule in its entirety

Drug and Alcohol Use

All Ohio University employees are expected to abide by Article 43, Alcohol and Other Drugs, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and Ohio University Policy 41.133. An employee found to be illegally possessing or using alcohol or other drugs, or being under the influence of such, shall be subject to appropriate sanctions.

Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence and Stalking

Ohio University prohibits sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking in any of its employment situations or educational programs and activities outlined in Ohio University Policy 03.004.

Workplace Violence

As outlined in Ohio University Policy 41.135, Ohio University is committed to maintaining a safe, violence-free workplace and will not tolerate threats, or violent behavior of any kind by any Ohio University employee upon any faculty member, staff member, students, or visitors. Ohio University employees are not permitted to commit acts of prohibited behaviors (outlined in the policy) at any time on or off duty.