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Licensure Frequently Asked Licensure Questions

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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about licensure.  If you have a question that is not listed, please reach out to Tyler Bump, Education Licensure Officer at 740-593-4402.


When should I apply for my license?

You may apply for your license during finals week of the semester you are set to graduate or any time after. Applications left pending for 60 days will be automatically declined, so make sure to apply at the appropriate time when all requirements are met.

Which license should I apply for?

All graduates receiving their initial license should apply for the 2-year Resident Educator License.

When will my licensure request be approved?

Your application will be approved after degrees are formally conferred by the registrar’s office, typically 4-6 weeks after finals week.

When will the e-signature be provided by Ohio University?

Applications will be e-signed when degrees are conferred.

I have a job opportunity; can my licensure application be expedited?

Licensure applications cannot be approved until degrees are conferred. No exceptions.

Do I need to upload documents to my ODE CORE account when I apply?

You do not need to upload transcripts or your OAE/edTPA scores to your ODE CORE account.

Can my licensure application be approved before my official OAE scores are reported?

Unofficial score reports do not count for licensure. Official scores must be reported (see link for score report dates).

How can I prepare for the Ohio Assessment for Educators?

This website has more information about Preparation Materials. 

If I pass the edTPA, do I need to take the pedagogy OAE?

The edTPA can be used as a valid substitute for the pedagogy OAE if you receive a 37 or higher on the edTPA.  

Is my current background check on file with ODE?

For all background check inquiries, please contact ODE directly