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Judith Grant

Judith Grant, portrait
Professor Emerita of Political Science
Bentley Annex 270


Ph.D., Rutgers University, 1986

M.A. Rutgers University, 1983

B.A. Moravian College, 1979

Research Areas

  • Political Theory
  • European Political and Social Theories
  • Feminist Theory
  • Cultural Theory

Teaching Areas

  • Contemporary Political and Social Theory (including feminist theory, film theory, Marxism, Psychoanalytic theory; particular specialization in 19th and 20th century German and French theories)
  • Cultural Studies
  • Law and Social Theory
  • Political Theory Canon, Plato to Marx
  • Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Politics of France and Francophone World

Online Teaching Experience

  • Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • Feminist Theory
  • Introduction to Political Theory
  • Graduate Course in Critical Theory

Ohio University Affiliations

About Dr. Grant

Judith Grant is a retired Professor of Political Science at Ohio University in Athens, OH. At Ohio, she has also been the Director of Gender Studies, and the Director of the Center for Law, Culture and Justice. Previously, she chaired the Gender Studies Program at University of Southern California, and was the Director of the Center for Feminist Research while at USC (1990-2003).

Her research and teaching interests include contemporary feminist theories, cultural studies, European Studies, law and popular culture, and posthumanism. She is the author of, among other things, the book Fundamental Feminism (Routledge), the articles, “Andrea Dworkin and the Social Construction of Gender: A Retrospective,” Signs: A Journal of Women, Culture and Society, vol. 31, no. 4, Summer 2006, “Boys Interrupted: The Male Bonding in Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster,” in Metallica and Philosophy, ed., William Irwin (Blackwell, March 2007), and “Gender in the Early Marx: the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844,”Rethinking Marxism, Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2005. She is currently finishing a book about the 1980s structuralism and second wave feminism in the United States, and is co-editor of the book Political Theory and the Animal Human Relationship, forthcoming from SUNY Press, April 2016. A revised second edition of Fundamental Feminism is under contract (Routledge).

In summer 2016, she will be teaching a series of courses for American students in Paris, France and Berlin, Germany as an education abroad called “The World at War.” An avid horsewoman, and scholar/activist, Dr. Grant resides in OH with companion animals, a dog, two cats and a horse. All are rescue animals.