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A&S Guidelines for Instructional Faculty Promotion Dossier

College of Arts & Sciences

Preparing the Dossier

The department should normally appoint an internal advocate to help the candidate through the promotion process. The advocate should not normally be the department chair, except in very small departments. (If the department uses a mentor system, the candidate’s mentor may serve in this role.)

The candidate should be responsible for preparing and arranging sections I-VIII, with the help of the advocate. The candidate should write these sections in the first person. Any other authorship of these sections should be explicitly noted. The associate dean for faculty affairs and the associate dean for students, instruction, and curriculum are also available for consultation.

Sections 2-5 should be available to the Promotion Committee in its deliberations.

The department chair should normally prepare and arrange section 1. However, the chairperson of the Promotion and Tenure committee may prepare section 1.

All participants in the process should have access to college policies concerning Promotion of Instructional Faculty.

The final dossier must be submitted to the dean's office as a PDF in early January (consult A&S Annual Deadline Calendar for exact date each year).

PLEASE NOTE: The department chair will check dossiers to see that all format and guideline criteria are met and will ensure that the dossier is submitted on time. The chair will sign the dossier, attesting to its completeness.

Letters of Reference

At least two (no more than three) letters must be provided in this section from faculty* who have conducted some form of comprehensive teaching peer review** and can adequately speak to the candidate's expertise in this area.

* “Faculty” may include tenure track or instructional faculty and may be from within the department, college, or university (at or above the rank of promotion). Where department guidelines warrant, one comprehensive review from outside the university is both supported and encouraged.

**These reviews should include a systematic review of course materials (including but limited to sample syllabi, handouts, examinations, corrected student papers) and course evaluations from students. One or more classroom visits by on-campus referees is strongly encouraged, but not required.

Departmental Processes

Following the Faculty Handbook, all awards of promotion must originate in a positive recommendation by the appropriate department committee.

Following Faculty Senate guidelines, faculty with administrative appointments greater than 50 percent should not vote.

Department chairs may participate in the discussion but normally should not vote.