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Faculty Fellowship Leave in A&S

Please consult the Provost’s website for most information regarding FFL.

Please consult the A&S Calendar of Events and Deadlines for important dates.

Complete applications should be forwarded from the department chair to by the due date specified in the A&S Calendar of Events and Deadlines.

Questions regarding FFL can be directed to Morgan Vis, Associate Dean (

A&S Process

All Faculty Fellowship Leave applications are provided to A&S by the department chairs. If more than one FFL proposal is submitted by a department, the chair must include a cover letter ranking the proposals. Assuming all proposals are meritorious, priority (in most cases) should be given to first-time applicants, with second- or third-time applicants following in order, respectively.

The college will make every effort to distribute at least one FFL to each department, assuming the proposal is meritorious. In those situations where insufficient allocations have been made to the college, the chair’s ranking will influence the final distribution. The college will always strive to maximize FFL recommendations in any given year based upon allocations provided. College recommendations will be submitted to the Provost for determination of final allocation.