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Jeanette G. Grasselli Brown Undergraduate Research Award

Jeanette G. Grasselli Brown earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Ohio University, summa cum laude, in 1950. In 1978, she was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science by Ohio University. She has served as a member of the Ohio Board of Regents.

While an undergraduate student, Grasselli Brown had the opportunity to engage in research with a faculty mentor. In a significant measure, that intellectual experience led to her later professional career as a research chemist with BP, where she became Director of Corporate Research and Analytical Science.

This research award, made possible by Dr. Grasselli Brown’s generosity, seeks to encourage and facilitate the involvement of undergraduate students in a significant research effort.

Recent Recipient

2022 Victoria Swiler (mentor Professor Sarah Wyatt)

Eligible Nominees

Undergraduate students sponsored by faculty from the following disciplines: Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Environmental & Plant Biology, Geography-Meteorology, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics & Astronomy. Student nominees need not be majors in these departments, but they must be engaged in research with faculty from these disciplines. Graduating seniors usually are not eligible.

Criteria for Award Selection

The criteria and standards used in selecting nominees should identify persons with serious interest in research and adequate preparation for pursuit of the proposed research projects.

Nomination Process

Nominations by sponsoring faculty mentors, together with research proposals prepared by the student nominees, will be solicited by the Dean's Office through the faculty and chairs of the departments mentioned above. More than one nomination will be accepted from each of the above listed departments.

Nominations letters of up to three double-spaced pages should describe how the nominee meets the award criteria. Supporting material should be no more than ten pages. Nominations and supporting material should be sent in pdf format to by March 15. Each nominator is responsible for assembling and documenting the necessary evidence in support of the nominee.

Award Selection and Recognition

Selections will be made by the Arts & Sciences Awards Committee during Spring Semester. Up to three undergraduate research awards of about $1,000 each will be made annually. Up to half of the award may be used as a stipend for the student, and the remainder should be spent on the project.