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Walter Center for Strategic Leadership Blog

  • Do The Extra 1%

    “Doing the extra 1% is the easiest thing to do, and it is what differentiates you. So, take it. Do it,” said Greg Robinson

  • A New Leadership Emerges

    At the beginning of the Spring semester, Amy Toth and Tom Marchese became the new Co-Directors of The Emerging Leaders Program.

  • The Legacy of a Lifetime

    This year marked the 10th and final Alumni Day with Tim and Tammy Reynolds as directors of the program.

  • Servant Leadership

    Members of Emerging Leaders and Wandell Fellows express their selflessness through their willingness to serve others. Several students at Ohio University have only experienced Athens on campus; however, another world surrounds the community.

  • A Letter from our New Director

    Honored. Grateful. Welcomed. These three words are how I would best describe joining Ohio University as the Executive Director of the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership.