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The Legacy of a Lifetime

Rachel Isreal and Natalie Sova (Seniors) presenting Tim and Tammy with a Lifetime Legacy Award. Tammy holding grandson Elijah.
July 8, 2022
Tim and Tammy Reynolds surprised by a room full of alumni and friends
​Tim and Tammy Reynolds took off their blindfolds, surprised by a room full of alumni and friends that had flown and driven in from all over the country

This year marked the 10th and final Alumni Day with Tim and Tammy Reynolds as directors of the program. Despite the overwhelming sadness of the Reynolds' stepping down, laughter, chatter, and lots of love filled the room. Many of the Alumni stayed the weekend in Athens so that they could attend a surprise celebration in honor of Tim and Tammy. The leadership duo was blindfolded and brought into the room where over 70 friends, family, and former colleagues gathered.

Select Leaders senior Ross Ferraro reflected on Tim and Tammy's impact, "Seeing all of the support from all the lives Tim and Tammy have changed, myself included, was such a special moment. Tim and Tammy learned just how much of an impact they had on their students. It was enough to bring a tear to most of the guests' eyes."

“This program transformed my experience at Ohio University & changed my leadership trajectory both on campus and beyond, and it was so great to see how it continues to grow and provide incredible experiences for students each and every year!” - Taylor Woodford '19”

Tammy Reynolds with Taylor Woodford – quoted above
Tammy Reynolds with Taylor Woodford – quoted above