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A New Leadership Emerges

Kennedy Stana and Jessica Wolfe
August 9, 2022

At the beginning of the Spring semester, Amy Toth and Tom Marchese became the new Co-Directors of The Emerging Leaders Program, created by Tammy Reynolds in 2014. Both are excited to take on their new roles and leave their mark on the program.

The mission of Emerging Leaders is to develop leaders who earn leadership by creating value, inspiring others to follow, and doing business with integrity. The program is designed for students entering their junior year to provide them with the intrapersonal and professional skill sets in preparation for internships. The program also offers one-on-one mentoring, so students realize their maximum leadership potential. With 37 current members and seven peer mentors, this marks the seventh year for the EL program and the largest cohort to date

Tom has over 25 years of experience at the corporate level, where he continues to influence students with his dedication and knowledge. Amy's entrepreneurial and instructional design background combined with her passion for leadership development brings an entirely different aspect. Together, they plan to add their personal touch to the program, by immersing themselves into all that the program offers.

"I haven't had many opportunities in the past to mentor and work with our younger students. So, when I saw the opportunity to get involved with undergraduate students, I knew that's what I wanted to do. Mentoring and forming relationships are what I enjoy the most, and I've got a Co-Director in Amy whom I love to work alongside." Tom said.

Although Amy has worked and been involved in The Walter Center for six years, she feels like she has found her purpose in teaching and designing leadership development curriculum. "Being able to be a mentor and make a difference in the lives of students is an indescribable feeling. I cherish the relationships I have formed with my students inside The Walter Center and the classroom. Fulfilling my purpose and doing what I love every day is a true blessing."

Tom and Amy's passion and devotion to students are a common thread. "I want them to walk away with the confidence in themselves and the belief in all of the extraordinary things they're going to be able to do in the future," Tom stated.

The Co-Director duo has already started working on a new executive mentorship program that will continue the development of the peer mentor students. After spending one year in the program, students have an opportunity to further develop their leadership and impact as peer mentors for incoming members. "Tom and I bring different perspectives and experiences on things, which is a great combination. I love working alongside someone with as much passion for students that I have", stated Amy. Together, we hope to have a lasting impact on this program and are committed to developing Bobcats who lead to their fullest potential."