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Do The Extra 1%

Kennedy Stana
September 29, 2022

“Doing the extra 1% is the easiest thing to do, and it is what differentiates you. So, take it. Do it,” said Greg Robinson in the Emerging Leaders surprise panel on September 7th, 2022. Greg Robinson attended Ohio University in 1997 and graduated in 2001 with a bachelor’s in business administration (BBA), Honors Tutorial College - Finance, Information Systems, and Marketing, Sales Certificate. He is on the Executive Advisory Board for the Management Department in the College of Business. He has also worked with The Hackett Group for about 12 years. 

The Hackett Group focuses on supporting Finance, HR, and Technology Functions, organization, and technology in the areas of EPM, ERP, and Analytics. The Hackett Group panel also met with Select Leaders earlier in the day and included: Madison Mitchell, OU Alumni Austin Anderson, Justin Kelley, and Greg Robinson. 

Emerging Leader student, Mimi Despotovic, shares her thoughts on the forum and why this visit was so impactful and beneficial. “I enjoyed having the executive panel during class on Wednesday. I found the conversation interactive and insightful on a personal and professional level. Having alums come back and share their experience with young professionals like EL8 sets us up for many accomplishments in the future. I appreciated having the time to ask thoughtful questions beyond the surface of what it means to be successful in your career. I enjoyed listening to the alternative perspectives, those who recently graduated and Greg, who has years of expertise to offer… Additionally, using my connections at OU to their full capacity after I graduate from the University,” said Despotovic. 

Student Jadyn White added how this was her first alumni event with Emerging Leaders. She explained how helpful and great the experience was. “Having it been my first alumni engagement through EL, I was blown away. Every detail shared by the panel during our short session impacted me deeply as a student looking for an internship. Typically, alums acknowledge students eager to learn, but the energy Greg brought on Thursday expressed complete and utter care for our members. The advice regarding job searching, new hire introductions, and networking strategies inspired everyone! This single experience excites me for future engagements with alumni in this organization,” said White. 

The panel left students with so much great advice. For Mimi Despotovic, one key takeaway stuck out to her. “My biggest takeaway from the session is that I want to be the person who puts in the extra 1%, which will set me apart from the rest of my peers,” said Despotovic. 

Students in Emerging Leaders were grateful for the advice and tips they received. Student Weston Nern describes how constructive the panel was, “I enjoyed that session. The main thing I took away from it was his advice on closing an interview, as well as the conversation regarding what motivates each of them,” said Nern. 

Thank you to Greg Robinson and the rest of the panel for your time and dedication.