Crisis Communication

UCM collaborates in the process of making the Athens Campus community aware of emergencies that may affect the safety of OHIO students, faculty, and staff. UCM team members serve as delegates to the University’s Critical Incident Response Team to aid in communication efforts during a crisis or a severe interruption in business operations.


Typical Projects

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What if my college or unit is experiencing a reputation crisis?

UCM is available to aid units, schools, and colleges in times of reputation crisis by strategizing communication plans to ensure accurate, informative messages are delivered to stakeholders and media outlets in an effective and timely manner.

For more information about how UCM can help support your unit, school, or college through a reputation crisis, contact Dan Pittman, interim executive director of communication services, at

Who can I reach out to for questions about this service?

Dan Pittman
Interim Executive Director, Communication Services

Crisis Communication Staff

Robin Oliver, Vice President, University Communications and Marketing
Robin Oliver, MBA
Vice President, University Communications and Marketing
The Ridges Building #18
Dan Pittman
Dan Pittman
Senior Director of Communications
The Ridges Building #18