15-Passenger Van Training

The purpose of 15-passenger van training is to limit the liability of accidents and/or injury. This is a requirement by our insurance carrier. The training sessions last three hours.

Motor Vehicle Record Check
All drivers of 15-passenger vans must submit a copy of their motor vehicle driving record to their trainer. These records should be presented to the trainer at the time of your driver training session. If you are unable to receive a copy prior to your training, please still attend the training session. The trainer will note that you have not turned in your record check and you will not be added to the trained driver database until that information has been received. To obtain a copy of your Ohio driving record, please go to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles website ­and select form #1173. You will need a to copy the form and mail it to the address listed. We will need two years of driving records. If your driver's license is other than Ohio, you will need to contact your particular state's motor vehicle department for information on how to obtain your records.

Scheduling a Training Session
To schedule van training please contact Jeff Campbell at (740)593-1664. The training sessions last three hours and include both classroom learning and behind the wheel driving. You must have a valid U.S. driver's license and be at least 18 years of age to drive a University vehicle.