Student Senate Endowment


Ask Ohio University alumni, and they will likely tell you that their most memorable college experiences took place outside of the classroom- as part of a club, activity, organization, group or special event. These experiences reflect the promise of OHIO's Division of Student Affairs. We are dedicated to creating a community and cultivating lifetime leaders. We provide students with the tools to become better and more effective leaders. 

One of those experiences is serving in OHIO’s Student Senate. Student senators represent all OHIO students and advocate the student opinion to administrators through legislation and as members of university communities. Serving in the senate provides students with the opportunity to lead and to interact, both with each other and with administrators, faculty, community leaders and their constituents. Student senators engage in robust debate about the current issues on campus. These discussions inform resolutions proposed by the senators that are aimed at benefiting future OHIO students. Perhaps most importantly, serving in the student senate builds self-confidence and helps students find their voice.

Like any program designed to develop the potential of our students, senators shouldn’t learn and lead inside of a vacuum. When student senators have the opportunity to network with peers at other colleges and universities, they gain tools that help them become better and more effective leaders.

This is why the Division of Student Affairs established the Student Senate Leadership Endowment. This endowment helps to send OHIO student senators to state and national conferences where they experience crucial networking opportunities. It also allows Student Senate to host expert speakers, workshops, and roundtable discussions at Ohio University and provides them with a forum for discussion and growth on all issues pertaining to student government. 


Here is how your gift could enhance the Student Senate experience:


To Make a Gift:


To make an immediate gift to OHIO’s Student Senate Leadership Endowment on line using your credit or debit card, please follow these quick steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose to either make a one-time gift or setup a recurring gift.
  3. Be sure to select “Student Senate Leadership Endowment” from the drop-down menu.


To make a gift to the Student Senate Leadership Endowment by mail, please make your check payable to The Ohio University Foundation and write “Student Senate Leadership Endowment” in the memo line of the check. The mailing address is:

The Ohio University Foundation
PO Box 869
Athens, OH 45701-0869

If you prefer to make your gift over the phone, have questions about giving to the Student Senate Leadership Endowment, or would like to discuss other giving opportunities, please contact:

David Johnson
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

307 McGuffey Hall
Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone: (740) 593-2632