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Office of Student Services Contact List

Office of Student Services

Robert Pleasant, Director
Contact: 740.533.4608 or


Contact: 740.539.4100 or

Enrollment Services

Contact: 740.533.4600 or

Academic Advising

Lisa Cantrell
Contact: 740.533.4543 or

Advising & Retention

Tyler Grubbs
Contact: 740.547.3836 or

Career Services

Christina Baker
Contact: 740.867.6708 or

College Credit Plus

Robert Pleasant
Contact: 740.533.4608 or

Financial Aid

Jacki Adkins
Contact: 740.533.4603 or 

Accessibility and Veterans Services

Dr. Teresa McKenzie
Contact: 740.547.4649 or

Library Services & Tutoring

Barbara Biggs
Contact: 740.533.4649, or

Testing & Assessments

Barbara Biggs
Contact: 740.533.4622,

Office of the Bursar (Payments)

Payment Options or or 740.593.4130

Ohio University Help Desk or or 740.593.1222

Counseling Services

Ohio University 24/7 Counselor Hotline 

Shawnee Family Health Care Inc.
Lawrence County Clinic
225 Carlton Davidson Lane
Coal Grove, OH 45638
740.533.0648 |
John Bowman, LPCC-S – Clinic Director

Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Dial 988