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Campus Facilities Management

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Facilities and Locations

Ohio University Southern consists of five (5) locations located in Lawrence and Scioto Counties.

The Facilities Management Office provides support services associated with facility improvements and maintenance, campus sustainability initiatives, safety and security, special event coordination, and other miscellaneous functions.

Facilities Contacts

Facilities Work Center
Office Phone: 740.533.3960

Adam J. Riehl, PE, LEED-GA
Office Phone: 740.533.4618

Gearld (Gary) Payne
Maintenance Supervisor
Office Phone: 740.533.4572

Christi Hardy
Maintenance Worker
Office Phone: 740.533.4572

Utility / Custodial Contractor Representatives:


Day Shift: 740.251.3763
Evening Shift: 740.833.5155
Night Shift (Site Supervisor) 740.479.1393


Day Shift (Contact Proctorville Center, Main Office)

Who do I contact for:

(Contact Work Center via e-mail or phone 740.533.3960 with a detailed description of the related request. Also see Forms & Links)

Facilities Management

Objective / Mission Statement:

In support of the academic endeavors which are the purpose and function of this institution of higher education; maintain the facilities and physical surroundings to provide a pleasant, comfortable, safe, and sustainable environment in which to learn, teach, and/or work while ever striving to improve these facilities and the management thereof with the ultimate goal of providing superior services to our customers; the students, faculty, staff, and community which comprise Ohio University Southern.


Recycling Program

Ohio University Southern utilizes a co-mingled recycle system meaning that paper, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard are all deposited into the same receptacle. The recyclables are then sorted and separated off-site at a recycling facility in Haverhill, Ohio. Just look for the cobalt blue recycling containers and stickers located around campus.

In cooperation with the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste District, Ohio University Southern provides space at our Ironton campus as a community recycling center site. Two co-mingled recycling dumpsters are located in the parking lot accessed from the 9th Street entrance and located behind the Collins Center. This recycling site benefits both the community and the campus.

Facility Improvements

Facilities Planning and Space Management

Please see the office of Facilities Planning and Space Management for information regarding overall university planning for the Southern Campus.

See the following link to Southern Campus site plans [PDF].

Capital Projects

See the Architecture, Design and Construction Office in Athens for Ohio University Design Standards and miscellaneous information. Major construction projects are planned, designed, and constructed with assistance and management oversight from the ADC Office for uniformity with university standards across campus.

Below are the currently active projects and projects.


  • HVAC Improvements, Phase 1
  • Child Development Center, Sanitary Sewer System Improvements
  • Proctorville Center Soccer Fields and Walking Paths
  • Food Service Area Renovations
  • Proctorville Center Science and Art Lab Improvements
  • Energy Efficiency Improvements
  • Life Safety and Security Improvements


  • Security Improvements, Southern and Proctorville Center
  • HVAC System Repairs, Southern and the Proctorville Center
  • Lighting System Retrofit
  • Campus and Community Center, Roofing Replacement


General Safety / Emergency

Weather Related