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Welcome to Ohio University Southern campus. We hope you will find the information at this website useful. If you have any suggestions please click here to contact the site administrator.

Ohio University Southern relies heavily on adjunct (part-time) instructors to fulfill numerous course offerings. Generally, only persons with masters or terminal degrees qualify. On rare occasions, we employ some instructors with BA or BS degrees for the technical programs.

Checklist for New Faculty

Once your contract has been processed, you will receive an email from Payroll indicating when you will be paid, the amounts and the courses that you are teaching.

If you do not receive a notification from Payroll that your contract has been processed, please contact Kim Addis, 740.533.4642 in the Business Office to check on it.

Only the dean has the authority to cancel classes.

Room assignments will be posted on the southern campus website ( as soon as they are assigned.


First time instructors will need to complete new hire paperwork in the Business Office. If you have not taught in over a year, then you will also need to do new hirer paperwork. Please contact Kim Addis or Noel Payne to make an appointment.

This step will start the process of Oracle assigning you a PID# and email address. Once you receive an email with this information, you will need to activate it. Contact IT if you have any problems.

Web Mail

Once HR has created an account for you, you will receive an email with your OHIO ID and PID# along with instructions on how to activate your email. You will use your OHIO ID to access email, Blackboard, Grades, Class Roster and My Personal Information.


If there are any supplies you need for teaching, please visit the Faculty Office in the Dingus Technology Center. Faculty office personnel will be able to provide you with the tools you need to have a successful class.