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Student Organizations & Clubs

Student Activities at Ohio University Southern encompass a wide range of interests and offer something for everyone. Various campus activities and organizations are designed to meet the needs and to provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff, administration, and the community. Focus areas include, academics, athletics, education, fine arts, health, honor, international awareness, leadership, media, service, social science, and travel.




Student President

ACTION Psychology Club

To increase awareness of mental health issues and provide a forum for discussion of issues and treatment modalities.

Dr. Kristi Barnes


Christy Bentley


Education Club

The purpose of this organization shall provide the opportunity for all education students at Ohio University Southern to impact the children of the communities in which we serve to spread the love
and joy education.

Linda Mann


Tiffany Fitzpatrick


Electronic Media
The purpose of this organization is to create a common assembly for students interested in EM production where they can learn, develop skills, an express ideas using their talents. Brian Corea 
 Gaming Club   The purpose of the OUS Gaming Club is to allow student and community members to participate in various forms of non-wagering gaming. Tyler Grubbs

Elijah Cordle

Gay-Straight Alliance


To provide educational, personal, and social support for its members and allies, and to provide education and awareness to Ohio University Southern and surrounding communities about the LGBTIQQA community. 

Robert Pleasant

Dr. Teresa McKenzie



 History Club To share, enjoy, and discuss history and modern-day events to broaden, appreciate and learn their impact on our society.

Dr. Deborah Marinski

Jacob Bentley

Literature Club

The OUS Literature club gives students the opportunity to discover their next favorite read, play bookish games, written works, and meet people who share a passion for books.

Dr. Hayley Haugen

Christopher Bailey
Student Nurses Association Pre-professional organization geared towards developing student nurses who are prepared to lead the profession in the future. Nicole Stumbo

Student Social Work Association

To serve, educate and promote activism in the field of Social Welfare.

Joy Shytle


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Advising Specialist

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