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West Virginia Students

Ohio University offers in-state tuition for West Virginia residents taking courses on the Southern campus.

This opportunity is open to West Virginia Bobcats in any undergraduate major. To qualify, you must have been a legal resident of West Virginia for the previous 12 months and submit the West Virginia Tuition Reciprocity Application two weeks before the start of the term.

All required documentation must be submitted prior to the last day to register for the term for which in-state tuition is being sought. Applications are not retroactive to previous semesters.

Courses completed on eCampus will be charged at the non-resident rate.

Financial aid recipients may see an adjustment in their aid offers due to the reduction in tuition and fees. [Recipients only: If your application for in-state tuition is approved, you will no longer be eligible for awards that apply to the non-resident fee.]

Applying to OHIO Southern is the first step to become a Bobcat and receive in-state tuition rates in any undergraduate major! Start on your application now!