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Adjunct Faculty - Planning

Academic Calendar

Instructors must follow the university's official calendar.

Important points to note:

Final examinations must be given during finals week (not prior to finals week).

There should be no class on Reading Day during fall semester.

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Office Hours

All instructors are required to maintain office hours every week. Syllabus for each class must contain information about instructor's office hours. An Adjunct Faculty office area is located within the Faculty Office complex.


For each class, instructors must provide a copy of the syllabus to the students during the first class meeting and to the faculty secretary.

Ohio University Learning Objectives.

Class List

After you have been assigned as the instructor of record you may access your class list here.

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Room Assignment/Request

In addition to regular classrooms, OHIO Southern also has several smart rooms and rooms with ceiling-mounted projectors. The dean's office assigns rooms based on class size and technology needs. If you need a smart room or room with a ceiling-mounted projector for your class you may request one from the dean's office prior to the beginning of the semester. Every attempt will be made to honor your request. 

There are several instructional computer labs at OHIO Southern. Please contact the computer lab manager at 740.533.4569 to reserve lab time for your class if needed.

Book Order

You may access the textbook system here. For further information contact the dean's office at 740.533.4550.

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Course Evaluation

Faculty evaluations for all classes are administered prior to final examination week. Each semester the faculty office provides evaluation instructions to the faculty before the last day of class. Evaluations may not be given if there are fewer than five students present in the classroom.

Online Grade Submission

OHIO Southern encourages instructors to submit final grades online. Learn about the online grading system here. You will also need to set up your multi-factor authentication to access your class lists and submit grades.

My OHIO Success Center

The MyOHIO Success Network initiative directly supports the University’s Mission and Vision Statements by serving as an information and communications hub for students, faculty and student support staff to connect students with the university resources they need to successfully complete their degrees.

Faculty are expected to use MyOhio Success Network to support individual student success. Please access this site throughout the semester to provide flags for student who are behind in coursework or to provide a “kudos” for a student who deserves praise. The student, his/her academic advisor and our retention specialist will be notified via email about the student’s progress.