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From the Ohio University copyright policy website:
"From the beginning, United States copyright legislation has had the complementary purposes of protecting the intellectual property of authors while promoting access to useful information. As an educational institution, Ohio University seeks to balance scholars' rights as authors with its fundamental mission to promote the free exchange of ideas and research results.... "

Ohio University copyright policy information

Faculty Absence

If you become ill or an emergency prevents your meeting with your class, please inform the Dean's Office as soon as possible, and if practical, email your students.
For more information on the university policy related to absences, please see the Faculty Handbook.

Sharing Personal Contact Information

Please note that you are not required to share personal contact information, such as your telephone number, with students.
You are encouraged to activate and to use your Ohio University email address.

Harassment / Disability / Institutional Equality

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion is charged with monitoring the University's compliance with federal, state and institutional policy guidelines that promote a non-discriminatory and harassment-free environment.

Faculty Handbook

The rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the faculty of Ohio University are governed by the statements and bylaws contained in the Faculty Handbook.

Student Code of Conduct

Please check for more information on OU student code of conduct and academic misconduct.