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  • Multi-campus 5G Readiness Grant Award

    In February 2024, the Ohio Department of Higher Education awarded the McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies a Super RAPIDS grant for 5G wireless equipment for $435,000. The grant was prepared by McClure School, Professor Julio Aráuz and will be used for supporting hands-one experience training, education and research for students and members of the community.

  • ChatGPT and the Colossal Cave Adventure

    ECT Alum and McClure Faculty Bruce Tong uses ChatGPT and Python to get AI to "play" the classic, text-based game Colossal Cave Adventure. Problems arise and are solved. Dive in!

  • Westin Scholars Competition for Graduate Students

    January 21-27, 2024 is Data Privacy Week. It is our honor to announce the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) extends their Westin Scholar Award to an Ohio University student with a passion for privacy and data protection. This prestigious award honors the late Dr. Alan Westin, a pioneer in the field of privacy. 


  • Learning how to build and splice networks in VR

    Ohio University graduate and McClure School instructor, Dr. Douglas Bowie sought a less stressful way to comprehend binary math and IP subnetting. His doctoral thesis focuses on how virtual reality technology can be utilized to decrease mental strain associated with learning subnetting, a foundational concept of information networking.

  • This year’s outstanding graduating undergrad

    Nick Tipton, Information and Telecommunication Systems graduate, is our 2023 recipient of the McClure School's academically distinguished award.

  • How Photogrammetry Can Aid Ecosystem Conservation Efforts

    An Ohio University graduate student utilizes 3D augmented reality technology in order to protect endangered species and environments. Photogrammetry allows for the mapping of entire ecosystems and collection of data regarding endangered species, expanding the horizon for technology's impact on conservation. 

  • Urban Technology for Social Good

    In the fall semester, the McClure School's ITS program offered a class on the use of technology in urban environments. The class placed emphasis on a discussion on the positive and negative impacts of technology in cities and communities around the globe and worked with GIS systems to imagine how future technology could benefit our region.

  • Thomas Lonsbury Scholarship Event: Connecting alumni and students

    Technology and IT companies sponsor, alumni revisit their old stomping grounds, and students volunteer to make connections with potential employers.

  • Consulting at Five9 - Q&A with Matt Bange

    Matt Bange, ITS '11, shares how the McClure School has led him to his position at Five9 and what he had to learn hands-on in the field.  

  • McClure School's Mentorship Program gives students opportunities to network with professionals in ITS and VR & Game Development.

    Three ITS graduates discuss their experiences with the McClure School’s mentorship program and how it got them to their positions at top IT companies today.

  • Meet the McClure's MITS Grad Students starting Fall 2022

    The McClure School is proud to showcase our MITS graduate students' experience in ITS and all of their hard work at the school. 

  • How one ITS grad secured a job at Microsoft

    Payge Winfield had a not-so-traditional journey into ITS and security engineering at the world’s third-largest technology company. Here is her story from high school to now. 

  • Opportunities Close to Home with Haley Baker

    “Looking back, now that I’ve been out [of college] for seven years, I can very clearly make the connections to things that I learned when I was in college that I was too close to at the time to see." - Haley Baker

  • Google Search: Where is Ian Hudgins now?

    Ian Hudgins, ’05 COMT alumnus and current Program Manager at Google in Zürich, recalls his time at the McClure School and the impact life decisions have made on setting the foundations of his career. 

  • ITS Never Too Late with Ken Maglosky

    Ken Maglosky, '16 ITS alumnus, delves into the opportunities that the McClure School provided him as a non-traditional undergraduate student. 

  • Careers in Cybersecurity: Brooke Denney, MITS Program & OU

    Brooke Denney, an employee at Ohio University’s OIT and student in the MITS program, dissects how the McClure School has guided her so far in her cybersecurity career.

  • Cybersecurity: Zero Trust Architecture in the ITS Capstone Class

    Jim Gay, professor of ITS's 4440 capstone course, describes Zero Trust Architecture and why it is vital to teach its function and uses to future IT professionals at the McClure School. 

  • Careers in Information Networking: Katie Kobasuk is heading to Progressive

    Senior Katie Kobasuk explains how the McClure School helped her secure an Associate Systems Engineer job offer from Progressive one semester before graduating. 

  • Digital game development careers - Daniel Warmke

    Daniel Warmke, a PhD student at OHIO and teacher of MDIA 3401, has helped many students tap in to their interest in game design, and in the time he has spent in the Media Arts & Studies Program, was able to further develop his own interest as well.

  • Cybersecurity Careers: A Look into Andrew Kahn's Work at Progressive

    Andrew Kahn, an IT Systems Engineer Lead at Progressive Insurance, has had continued success and impact at his work in cyber security.