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Welcome, alumni! Take a few moments to update your information with the School by filling out a short Update Alumni Information form. Want to keep in touch with other alums, let other alums know about a position available with your company, or find a job? Stay in touch with the McClure School and your fellow alumni by subscribing to the McClure School’s Alumni Listserv. Go to the external McClure-alums Info Page and fill out the very brief form there. Note: Unused emails will eventually be deleted from the listserve, so please use an email address that you use and do not forward it.

The J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies encourages you to stay involved with the School so today’s students can benefit from your experience and industry insight.

Opportunities include:

  • joining the McClure School group on LinkedIn,
  • participating in the annual ITS Day (ITS Day 2020 will be Thursday, April 16), either as a speaker or alumni panelist,
  • sponsoring an intern,
  • hiring an McClure student for a full time position,
  • donating to the Innovation Fund,
  • speaking to the TSMA student group, and
  • joining other telecom professionals for the Lonsbury Memorial Scholarship Event.

Want to see the old newsletters? Here they are in searchable pdf format, including ones written by former Director Joe Berman: