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Certificate in Business Cybersecurity Management

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The undergraduate certificate focuses on building skills in cybersecurity for business information systems. The Management Information Systems (MIS) business courses for this certificate include topics such as business database security, security in the systems analysis and process, and business risk management & security policies.

The Information and Telecommunications Systems (ITS) electives are focused on computing-network cybersecurity, and they cover topics such as data communication, compliance, network security, and data encryption.

This blend of two areas will give students a mix of business analysis and hands-on networking focused skills. This will allow them to help manage the growing cybersecurity needs in any business area.

Courses in the Certificate in Business Cybersecurity Management

The certificate requires the following three MIS classes:

• MIS 2200, Systems Analysis and Design

• MIS 2800, Business Intelligence and Information Management

• MIS 3800, Cybersecurity for Business Information Systems

Additionally, students need to complete two of the following ITS cybersecurity classes:

• ITS 2300, Data Networking

• ITS 4310, Privacy in the Internet Age

• ITS 4330, IT Compliance and Planning

• ITS 4510, Telecommunication Network Security

• ITS 4530, Encrypted Communications


Admissions Requirements

There are no admissions requirements.

This certificate is open to all Ohio University students on the Athens campus. To add the certificate, simply request that it be added to your graduation plan with the academic advisors in your college or at Allen Advising.

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