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Incoming and continuing students in the McClure School are eligible for competitive scholarships awarded at the University, College, and Department levels.  The web-based scholarship application,, is needed prior to February 1 to be considered for any scholarships.  Scholarships based on need require a FAFSA form on file.

In addition, to be considered for certain College and Department level scholarships, please send a resume and the following information to Prof. Brandon Saunders via email to

  • short description of professional goals
  • projected graduation date
  • a list of scholarships of interest
  • any special criteria or documentation that supports a particular scholarship application

NOTE: Ohio University requires students to carry at least 15 credit hours per semester while receiving a scholarship. Information on financial aid requirements and scholarship criteria.

NOTE: Financial Need is determined by the Financial Aid Office with information from a current FAFSA filing.

Departmental Scholarships

All eligible ECT scholarship applications are considered for the following scholarships.

McClure School Advisory Board Lonsbury Memorial Scholarship

  • 3.25 GPA
  • Financial Need
  • Full time ITS Student
  • Multiple scholarships as funding allows
  • Incoming and current students are both eligible.
  • minimum of 8 hours credit earned in ITS classes
  • active involvement in the field of voice/data networks

John F. Smith Memorial Scholarship

  • 2.2 GPA overall, 2.5 GPA in major
  • Financial Need
  • Full time ITS Student
  • Multiple Scholarships as funding allows.
  • Preference is given to residents of Franklin, Delaware, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, Fairfield or Union counties

The Progressive Scholar in ITS (will not be awarded for 2019-20)

  • Incoming senior student(s)
  • full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate student
  • enrolled in or accepted for admission to the McClure School pursuing a degree in ITS
  • minimum 3.2 GPA overall

College Scholarships

All eligible ECT scholarship applicants are considered for the scholarships awarded by the Scripps College Scholarship Committee.  The following awards require additional applications for students to be considered eligible.

Don Perris Endowed Scholarship - Internship Fund

Students interested in the Don Perris Endowed Scholarship must complete the application process at:

Scripps Howard Foundation Scholarship

$3,000 internship grant plus a $500 follow-up scholarship for the student returning full-time in the fall school year


  • Work a 10 week internship (minimum of 35 hours per week for a minimum of 10 weeks).
  • Preference will be given to internships that are unpaid.
  • Student must be a junior, senior (or graduating senior) – graduate students are not eligible.
  • This may or may not be at a Scripps operating unit (sites listed at in a new window)); placement will not be approved at a Scripps operating unit’s direct competitor.
  • Students who have previously received the Scripps Howard scholarship are not eligible.

To apply you must provide the following:

  • A completed form – Scripps College of Communication Scripps Howard Foundation Internship Grant Application
  • Current résumé that includes your address, phone number and e-mail.
  • Description of your internship responsibilities.
  • Written confirmation of your internship offer (a letter or e-mail from the company extending you the offer. This does not need to be formal. (Internship must be confirmed by April 15)
  • Budget and projected living expenses– One page document including the following:
    • Travel to and from internship site;
    • Gas usage (estimate);
    • Room and board;
    • Meals;
    • Parking;
    • Employer stipend or hourly wage;
    • Any support you will receive from your family or outside sources;

73 West State Street Award       

  • Nominees will be asked to provide a written essay that demonstrations individual potential, affinity to Ohio University, and involvement in the college experience.
  • Rising junior (60 hours by the end of spring semester) in the Scripps College of Communication.

Jeffery Chaddock Endowed Scholarship

  • Completed 30 hours by end of spring quarter of freshman year.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability (i.e., stud. orgs, Greek life, internships, etc.).